AMITIS Group is an engineering company with core areas in Middle-East, Asia and Europe. AMITIS Group and its joint cooperates have provided an integrated package of services for oil and gas companies. Our main areas of service compromise upstream engineering, downstream detailed engineering services, procurement engineering services and supply of materials and equipments. Having access to global resources and establishment of a worldwide network of united business ventures in different countries has enabled us to provide high quality services that meet requirements of our customers. Having agreements with some highly ranked engineering companies with long and varied experience within petroleum and reservoir engineering and with our resources having the experience of working in big and international oil and gas companies, we have extensive expertise in various fields ranging from reservoir to drilling services and downstream studies which enables us to provide high-quality engineering and consultancy services.

List of Previous Projects:


• Material testing and selection for a gas field Tubing, Downhole Completion Accessories, Wellhead And Xmas Tree in Middle East

• PVT and Elemental Sulfur study for an exploration gas field in Middle East.

• Fluid Completion and Core analyses for an exploration gas field in Middle East.


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