AMITIS Group relies on its human resources as its main strategic resource. To our business, expertise and knowledge of human resources are very critical and important, and development of human resources is part of our commitment to society.

The following shows the organizational structure AMITIS Group :


















Project Governance and Organization


Upstream laboratory services and studies usually engage different service providers for handling a full study package. These subprojects have interfaces and interrelations with each other. Each of these sections are delivered through high quality professional service providers that have the technical expertise and competency in delivering the project outputs. Information and materials are fed forward from one laboratory to another in different locations of the world and AMITIS Group has established a governance model to manage the interfaces for achieving the highest quality of the project results.

The following schematics show the governance model of the project and the interfaces between the subprojects:

To manage the above described interfaces and to assure the quality of project output (meeting the requirements of the client) in the AMITIS Group the whole project is divided into subprojects with assigned task force project managers for each of the subprojects. The following is the organizational structure of the project:


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